Home tutors Bournemouth is a real person and not an agency. I have been tutoring in this area for 20+ years have have tutored hundreds of kids. I specialise in tutoring maths, English and science for all ages but mostly up to GCSE.

Home tutors Bournemouth provide structured tutoring services broadly based on Piagetian theories of cognitive/personal development, focusing on the core skills of the 3R’s, as unfashionable as it that may seem to some people at this time, and on to the abstract reasoning and linguistic skills necessary to progress through the higher academic system. Arithmetic is often forgotten as the precursor to mathematical ability as is an understanding of the Latinate parts of higher English skills that are essential to understanding advanced maths: in addition greater understanding of what Science is – and isn’t – is integral to the home tutors direct method as well as an introduction to the classics in Art Music and Literature. From “1066 and all that” to Quantum Physics, Home Tutors Bournemouth can point a path through.

Passing exams requires general knowledge as well as specific training, and a rounded understanding of academic subjects. The aim is to provide these skills and understanding in your own home and with rapid results, according to each client’s specific needs.

Home Tutors Bournemouth currently covers the South West Dorset area. If you would like to register as a tutor in another area, please use the contact information.