The basis of Western Music is western harmony and that, Classical music as such, is the basis of Home Tutors Direct music programme: but there is also Jazz, Swing, R&B, Jazz-Funk, Pop, Rock and many other genres.

The first step is always the concept of western music, classical music: “theory“: the origins of Western music in Plainchant aka Gregorian Chant and with history’s various twists and turns its arrival at the ultimate troika of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, all of whom knew each other and lived contemporaneously in the late 18th century: the chords and tunes we play today were in effect created, or first discovered, by Beethoven: Mozart called him “The Master”: some people say Mozart is the Master. He was “a” Master, but Beethoven developed his ideas further, perhaps.

MusicThe second step is playing: “practice“: there are two principle routes through music in real-life: studying it and doing it. The Classical route goes principally through for e.g. the Guildhall School of Music and similar institutions that prepares students for orchestral work plus some Jazz theory which enables the instrumentalist to play jazz gigs for extra income, but there is also the “pop” side of music, which includes, gigs, festivals, musicals in general and theatre land and more importantly these days for some people, the cruise ships music is entertainment, after all: in the early 1970s the gigs were on the American bases in Germany and Butlins: now it’s the cruise ships.

Home Tutors Direct then offers a unique post-classical music education course that takes Classical composition from the hands of Mahler and Rachmaninoff into the world of Jazz and Swing to R&B, the latter being the basis of all contemporary popular music at various “bpm“ or “beats per minute“. There are of course many sub-genres, say Country and Western, but the emphasis at Hometutorsdirect is on theory of harmony and composition and the various genres and sub-genres of music the flexible western system allows AND on high quality performance from our long list of what, in effect, are world-class players at our disposal: but at the base of all music is theory….and practice. And those are the two key areas of study.
Music should form an important part of any curriculum and provides an important artistic outlet. We have experience in all aspects of both instrumentalism and harmony/composition.

We can supply teachers of most instruments and can provide tutoring in composition, harmony and singing.

We also have wide-ranging contacts in the pop music and recording world and can provide constructive guidance in the production and manufacture of CDs and artwork.